Schenk & Bruetsch saves client nearly $1 million per year in property taxes.

In 2022, a Schenk & Bruetsch client purchased a large commercial property. After the purchase, the property was assessed with a taxable value of almost $20 million. The property needed significant investment, and the COVID-19 pandemic significantly depressed the property’s revenue generation.

Schenk & Bruetsch partner Brian Summerfield filed a tax appeal in the Michigan Tax Tribunal, and formulated arguments as to why the property was over-assessed. Ultimately, partner Matthew Schenk was able to negotiate a settlement that reduced the taxable value of the property to $11million, saving our client nearly $1 million per year in taxes.

Annual property tax assessments are being mailed to Michigan property owners. If you would like Schenk & Bruetsch to review your business property assessment at no charge, contact Matthew Schenk at or (313) 492-5949.

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