Property Tax Appeals

Schenk & Bruetsch attorneys have significant experience representing owners of commercial and industrial properties in appeals of their property tax assessments. Commercial and industrial properties are frequently over-assessed. Assessors often do not take into account the reduced income potential that some properties have in the aftermath of COVID-19, such as from reduced occupancy rates or traffic. Assessors may also improperly value a property after a sale, change of circumstances, or improvement.

Partner Matthew Schenk has negotiated significant reductions in property tax assessments. In one recent matter, he was successful in lowering the taxable value of a commercial property from over $20 million dollars to $11 million, saving his client almost $1 million per year in taxes.

Partner Brian Summerfield litigates property tax matters in the Michigan Tax Tribunal, helping clients navigate Tax Tribunal rules and requirements and pressing their claims for a fair assessment.

Schenk & Bruetsch does not charge a fee on tax appeal matters unless and until we achieve a reduction in your taxes. Our fees are paid on a percentage of your savings for only the tax years at issue. Typically, one to two tax years are at issue in a case, but your tax savings can extend a decade or more. You are responsible for the out-of-pocket costs of the case, like filing fees and appraisals.

The State of Michigan imposes strict and tight deadlines on tax appeals. If you believe that your business property has been over-assessed, contact Matthew Schenk for a review.