Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported on Schenk & Bruetsch PLC’s representation of concerned residents of Grosse Pointe and its filing of ethics and campaign finance complaints

In October of 2020, the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press reported on Schenk & Bruetsch PLC’s representation of concerned residents of Grosse Pointe and its filing of ethics and campaign finance complaints, including an ethics complaint against the Chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, who also was involved in a dark money PAC that supported some candidates and sought to recall others. The Detroit News quoted Partner Thomas Bruetsch: “Monica Palmer should resign or be removed for her conflicts of interest as Chairperson of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, which certifies elections, and her operation of a dark money PAC promoting candidates in the Grosse Pointe school board election.” “Palmer’s involvement in the PAC is incompatible with her public office, violates the county’s ethics ordinance, and undermines voters’ confidence in the free and fair elections she is charged with overseeing.”

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“I called upon the services of attorney Matthew Schenk of Schenk & Bruetsch to help me with an extremely urgent and difficult matter to expedite the processing of some critical documents by the city (Detroit), county (Wayne) and state (Michigan). Even under the best times, this is something that would have taken weeks. I needed results in a few days. To make matters more difficult, this was during COVID, so instead of even weeks, I was told by government officials that it would likely take 2-3 months. Having known Mr. Schenk’s background and reputation, I asked if there was anything he could do to help, as I had reached dead ends on all fronts, and failure in this matter was not an option for me. He promptly began making calls to his close connections at all government levels, and within three days (!!) I had everything completed. Amazing.”
– John T., Royal Oak, Michigan
“During my tenure as SVP & General Counsel for Litigation for a major financial institution, I worked with local Detroit and national firms on a regular basis. Tom Bruetsch was one of the Detroit attorneys that I worked with on several matters. I found him to be accessible, an excellent strategist and reasonable in his advice and the time he spent on our projects. As the in-house counsel, I appreciated the fact that Tom understood that I was ultimately responsible for the outcome of the matter and he worked very diligently to ensure I was part of the litigation team. I was involved in most, if not all, strategy and preparation sessions and was provided plenty of time to review significant pleadings prior to their being filed with the court. Such attention to the client relationship was not something that I found across attorneys I worked with. Tom had that in spades. I would highly recommend him for your litigation matters.”
– Terri R.
“We would also like to take a moment to send a couple words about Marc Deldin. He was recommended through a group of Dr.’s in Grand Rapids that our son-in-law works with. We needed someone who could guide us through a business partnership split in a hostile environment. In our opinion, Marc’s expertise made the difference in the outcome. He listened to the issue, understood our end goal, formulated a plan with options and executed it. We always believed he had our best interest forefront. The whole process was much smoother than we anticipated and Marc was a major reason for that. Thank you again.”
– Ken & Cindy L.